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The Higgins Family Line

Joseph Thomas HIGGINS is the earliest known ancestor for this branch. He was born before 1800, and lived at Higginsbrook, Co. Meath, Ireland.

The family history can be explored in a variety of ways using the links below.  The names of specific persons can be found either in the index below (for direct descendants of this branch) or by using the link to the Surname Index at the top of the page, which lists all the names in the database.

The names of specific persons in this Family Line can be found in the Surname Index.
The family history can also be explored through:

- A Chart showing the relationships and family groups visually.

Other Related Families: The Higgins family is linked to the Barrer and French families by marriage, as illustrated on this Schematic Diagram showing the connections between the various Family Lines documented on this website.