The Meredith surname has its origins in ancient Wales. Because of the Celtic naming patterns, not all Welsh Merediths have common origins. From Wales, the Merediths dispersed, first to England and Ireland and then throughout the colonial world. This website has its origins in a group of genealogy nuts who are descended from Merediths who were living in Ireland in the 18th and 19th centuries. We are interested in researching our Meredith origins, both in Ireland and elsewhere.

The earliest records of Merediths in Ireland are found in the 1500s. Some suggest that most Irish Merediths were descended from Bishop Richard Meredith and his brother John, both of whom died in the 1590s and were buried in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin. It is now certain that pedigrees developed in the 1800s showing the Dublin, Queen’s and Wicklow Merediths as descendants of the brother John are not supported by any documentation. This web site has been developed to address these errors and to provide authoritative information on other Meredith branches having their roots in early Wales. All such information will be welcomed. Only well-documented records will be posted to this site.

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