(London: MacMillan, 1927)
A Petition Fear
The Dark Breed An Old Air
The Spanish Man Lake Dwellers
Heresy Red Barbara
The Fair of Maam The Unknown Woman’s Son
The Little Clan A Sheiling of the Music
Rain Vanity
The Ballad of O’Bruadir The Inn of the Dead Men
Hermits Emigration
The Emblem Offerings
The Grief The Flowering Sloe
Iron The Wandering Hawk
The Island Dead of Inchigoill All Souls’ Eve
“Evens on Pegasus” Poachers
Celebrations Lost Roads
A Shade from Limestone A Feast of the Quilting
A Tinker’s Woman Sword-makers
A Dead Craftsman The Ghost
The Tempted Hermit Maire of Magdala
The Flight of Horses A Plea