(London: MacMillan, 1940)
Father and Son Evangelists
Grace before Beer The Past Generation
The Boyne Walk The Woman of the Red-haired Man
Changeling Silver Point
Winged Victory The Victim
O Hawks Claw-clinched Padraic O’Conaire
O You among Women Glory O!
Song for the Clatter-bones Meath Men
Muineen Water Faction
A Vision of Paradise Park The Spine
To my Blackthorn Stick Dawn Madness
Captain Noah The Silenced Friar
Secret Love Early Days
The Gallows Tree A Poor Girl
The Old Jockey Elopement
Stations Repentance
The Three-cornered Field East of Hy Breasail
To Oliver Gogarty Night Frenzy
Chinese Winter Star-gazers
An Unmarried Mother Sings The Gallivanter to his Boots
Beloved of Nobles At Flock Mass
The Gap of Brightness Auction!
Cradle Song